About Us

RJE Oceanbotics™ LLC was formed in June 2017 as a division of RJE International, Inc. (27+ year leader in underwater mission critical products) with the goal of creating a “drone-like” underwater experience for professionals in the marine industry.

After an intensive engineering effort from our amazing and dedicated team, we can proudly say that we have succeeded. The Oceanbotics™ SRV-8 is a high performance ROV with intuitive operating technology, precision control and superior maneuverability. This versatile remote operated vehicle serves a multitude of applications including aquaculture, law enforcement/ military operations, inspections, recovery and more.

The SRV-8 is battery-operated (no generator required) and equipped with 8 thrusters for exceptional underwater agility and 6 DOF. The topside control console with simple Xbox joystick controller makes for easy and intuitive plug-and-play operation. With a 305m depth rating, sonar and inspection tool integration and impeccable maneuverability, the SRV-8 acts as a window in the water for ocean observation and exploration.