About Us

Robot Aviation is a leading developer of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for military and commercial applications. Offering a family of SkyRobot™ systems tailored for specific missions to enable faster decision making, increased awareness, and consistent accuracy for our users since 2008.Robot Aviation's current products are ranging from the FX10 a high mobility system, at only 6kg it is hand-launched within minutes, and able to stay airborne for 2 hours, carrying Thermo & Video cameras. Followed by the FX20 a flying-wing with optimized design for 4 hours endurance that can provide radio-communications relay support as well as day & night surveillance by its onboard EO/IR cameras.Largest in the product line is the FX450 with its 200kg, a high-tech system capable to cover 2000 km range, carrying multi-axis stabilized payloads with real-time broadband connectivity to the ground. The FX450 is a canard design engineered to provide +20hrs persistent support for demanding security & surveillance needs.The Robot Aviation product line has mission requirements ranging from the Arctic with its extremely challenging conditions, further down to the hot and dusty desert regions and with a high interest for maritime duties around the equator, a genuine Global Capability from Eggemoen, Norway.