About Us

Roboteam designs, develops and manufactures cutting edge, user-oriented, multi-purpose, unmanned platforms and controllers for Defense, Law Enforcement, and Public Safety missions. Our team includes dozens of highly experienced engineers that are dedicated to creating units that provide complete operational and tactical control, overall mission management and enhanced force coordination.

We created a line of lightweight, fast deployable unmanned ground systems that deliver technological and functional breakthroughs for tactical purposes with unmatched reliability. Among our customers, one can find top units within the US Military, Special Forces, EOD units and SWAT teams as well as other elite units around the globe.

Roboteam has created a family of robotic solutions and operator control units designed for numerous operational missions such as:

• Gathering tactical intelligence and reconnaissance (ISR)

• Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

• Subterranean/Tunnel Investigations

• Search & Rescue

• CBRN & HAZMAT (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Hazardous materials) handling

Roboteam – Human Driven