About Us

Robotic Skies is the first – and only – worldwide network of Service Centers focusing on maintenance for commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). For UAS manufacturers, we provide custom maintenance programs to elevate your customer support. For UAS operators, we provide fast, professional repair services to keep your aircraft more productive. For certified repair stations (FAA Part 145 or equivalent), we provide new revenue opportunities in an emerging market for aviation maintenance. ----------------------- 🌎 Robotic Skies is Global The Robotic Skies Service Center network has over 200 independently owned and operated certified repair stations spanning 43 countries - and growing. Our turnkey maintenance solutions are designed to scale with the needs of unmanned aircraft manufacturers and enterprise fleet operators. The hand-selected Service Centers in the Robotic Skies network have the aviation expertise, resources, and factory training to provide professional repair, maintenance, and field upgrade services to the commercial UAS industry. 📍Robotic Skies is Local The Robotic Skies brokered network model provides convenient and efficient local service to help keep unmanned aircraft fleets safer and more productive. Local, or even on-site service, reduces the costs and risks of transporting aircraft for repair and accelerates return to service schedules. Aviation-Grade Maintenance Programs As commercial unmanned mission profiles grow more complex, regulations will more tightly govern operations. Robotic Skies provides the expertise you need to navigate the evolving aviation regulatory landscape. We partner with a variety of OEMs to develop standardized maintenance programs based on traditional aviation best practices that meet the unique needs of unmanned aircraft systems.