About Us

At RoutesceneĀ® we're always looking beyond the point, we design, develop and manufacture integrated 3D LiDAR mapping solutions specifically for use on drones ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs).Designed by surveyors, we build survey-grade end-to-end systems to solve specific industry problems, save time, improve efficiencies and productivity. Why choose Routescene80% of business information has a spatial component which will have been surveyed or mapped. Huge global appetite for 3D mapping and visualisation However conventional methods of data collection can be expensive, time consuming and difficult to undertake. The RoutesceneĀ® UAV LiDAR 3D mapping solution removes these barriers enabling:

* Accurate mapping where it is essential but difficult to achieve:

* densely vegetated sites

* sites with inaccessible steep slopes

* hard to reach, hazardous or hostile environments

* Fast data collection, analysis and immediate outcomes

* Collect precise survey data, quality control the data in real-time and create a very dense and accurate georeferenced point cloud:

* very high data density, resolution, relative and survey grade positional accuracy = fantastic feature definition

* Save time, improve efficiencies and productivity * Decreased operation costs