About Us

Sarmap is active in the development of algorithms and operational applications based on spaceborne, airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar, and drone optical data. Training courses and workshops at all levels (technical, institutional and decision makers) are offered, on one hand, to extend the understanding of the appropriate use of remote sensing data, products and services, on the other hand, to demonstrate the economic benefits and the technical advantages of this technology.The core of the activities is focused on:-Software and Capacity Building: development of wide spectrum software solution (SARscape and Opticalscape) for the processing of remote sensing data.-Topography: production of accurate Digital Elevation Model, in primis based on airborne and spaceborne SAR systems (interferometry and radargrammetry).-Land Displacement: a customised solution for the measurement up to mm level accuracy tectonic and land movements has been developed and integrated in models enabling to improve conventional methodologies. -Agriculture: mapping and monitoring of agricultural areas. Customized solutions have been developed in collaboration with the Swiss Development Cooperation, international institutions, national bodies and re-insurance sector. -Forestry: a customized solution (TransparentForests) for forest area mapping, monitoring of area changes (clear cuts, illegal logging, burnt areas), and estimation of timber volume has been primarily developed in collaboration with the Forest Stewardship Council, CENSIPAN in Brazil, and large forest timber companies (extended to the monitoring of seasonal savannah biomass and environmental changes).-Mining: a customized solution (TransparentMining) for mapping and assessing Artisanal Small Scale and abandoned mines – including repositories – expansions, environmental impacts and land movements has been developed in collaboration with regulators, NGOS, and mining consultant (extended to large scale mines).