About Us

Seascape Subsea BV is a company specialized in the the development and production of innovative underwater equipment and commercial diving systems. Seascape is able to deliver a wide range of underwater products through its own product line “Novasub” and by representing a number of high quality subsea products. The years of experience and know-how in underwater operations and maritime services, are the quality basis of the wide range of subsea technology products. The equipment that we provide has been mainly intended for underwater such as; video and graphically, measuring distances and forms, positioning dynamic objects, locating objects in or on the sea-floor, dredging, installation or construction, hydrographical research and observation. Seascape also designs and constructs commercial diving equipment on customer demand integrating the high quality subsea products. Seascape is an all-round maritime company with clients and projects located all around the world, which develops and produces specialized surface and subsea products.