About Us

We are a BVLOS pioneer - aiming to develop the leading enterprise BVLOS command and control solution for the world's best drone operators. Our solution unlocks the remote execution of even the most complex drone missions in industrial and urban environments, from a central control room. Our approach mirrors that used by autonomous car developers: we are putting semi-autonomous machines to work under remote human supervision, and leveraging the experience and data gained from successive flights, to iterate towards full autonomy. Our solution has been designed to facilitate the widest range of missions – from simple repeated missions (monitoring), to complex one-off missions in challenging environments (close-quarter flights near infrastructure assets, under oil rigs, inside tunnels – with GPS-denial, magnetic interference, poor comms), to reactive missions, designed on-the-fly (supporting the emergency services; responding to a security or safety incident; or facilitating inspection with remote expert in the loop). As of January 2021 we are one of only ten entities selected into the UK CAA Regulatory Sandbox alongside Amazon, Boeing, NATS and Volocopter – and one of only four entities selected into the UK Government Drone Pathfinder programme (and the only entity selected into both). We are aiming to secure routine permission to operate BVLOS in non-segregated, controlled environments in 2021. Our senior team is ex. Apple, Arup, CERN, McLaren, Oracle Racing and hedge funds. Career highlights include: winning one Formula 1 World Championship; two America’s Cups; leading the team that designed and built the first hybrid engine ever used in a supercar (the McLaren P1); and heading up the European team at Eton Park, a hedge fund with $14bn Assets Under Management. We are experts in robotics & autonomy; control systems & dynamics; GPS-denied navigation; embedded systems; robust, scaleable software architecture and high-risk operations.