About Us

We lead the world in the design, manufacture and continuous improvement of wireless condition monitoring solutions. Since 2005, we have focused on bringing intelligent wireless condition monitoring to civil engineering and rail applications. Today, Senceive is widely seen as the global leader for wireless remote condition monitoring solutions, with more than 30,000 sensors installed in 2020 alone. Our wireless remote condition monitoring technology is used in 35 countries in civil engineering, rail, mining and more. The possibilities are immense. Some clients use it to make infrastructure safer by detecting problems such as landslips before they affect roads or railway tracks, or for early warning of movement in dams or flood defences before they fail. Other clients use it to support efficient use of scarce maintenance resources, for example by measuring changes in railway track geometry to pinpoint where maintenance is needed. And others use it to monitor the effects of activity such as tunnel construction on nearby buildings and structures.