About Us

ShadowAir provides our clients with Airborne ISR Solutions and Mobile Communications Platforms in both manned and unmanned models. ShadowAir manufactures and delivers complete turnkey Asset Systems including aircraft, storage, transportation and communication systems to each Customer and Client. Founded by a 22 year FBI Special Agent/Special Operations Group (SOG) pilot and former USMC Officer, ShadowAir Systems are the result of years of operational experience in developing a faster, safer, more economical way to provide detailed intelligence to decision makers quickly and accurately. By working closely with each purchaser, operations team, and mission expert, we develop a complete systems solution tailored for each individual need. Our modular systems approach allows each platform to be quickly adaptable in the field for each specific mission. We design for success! Each aircraft can be flown in either manned or unmanned mode (UAS), providing a better, safer and more cost-effective alternative for your needs.  Crews can fly a manned mission, land, and then fly the same aircraft in unmanned mode (UAS) from a ShadowAir Ground Control Station (SGCS). Covert missions are safely made in silent glider mode since our 5-second engine re- start capability and optional electric backup propulsion system provide ample safety margins for our silent glider operations.