About Us

Simpulse offers embedded Software-Defined Radio (SDR) solutions for innovative professional communication systems. Simpulse’s radio links are the answer to professional applications that operate in highly mobile conditions and require a power-optimized, robust and secure solution.

We push the limits of current communication system design thanks to the scalable and programmable PULSAR SDR technology that offers a high level of flexibility and integration, and to advanced signal processing algorithms that improve robustness in presence of interferences and mobile channels.

Simpulse's flagship product, the SL200 mobile data-link modem, is dedicated to very long-range and highly mobile data transmissions. We also offer custom SDR modems that serve a great variety of specialized radio links. Typical applications include data and video radio links for various usages in drones, UAVs, robots, IoT concentrators, transportation, aerospace, public safety and defense.