About Us

SkyCircuits Ltd designs and markets avionics, autopilot and ground station systems for optionally manned and unmanned aircraft. As SkyCircuits products are created in-house, they can be optimsed for customer requirements where safety, availability and reliability are key drivers. With a strong focus on software and hardware criticality, SkyCircuits latest range of products are ready to support customers with high value UAS and payloads operating in critical domains. SkyCircuits understand where DO178C and DO254 are relevant to customer needs and delivers systems to meet the highest criticality needs. Working with military and civilian applications where an understanding of the needs of specialist operators with custom payloads and varied mission requirements, SkyCircuits can put your UAS in the right place, reliably, safely and with dependability. Not all flight control systems and supporting avionics are created equal; if your outputs matter, SkyCircuits can help you deliver. SkyCircuits is a wholly owned subsidiary of Callen-Lenz.