About Us

We Innovate & integrate drone solutions and services into scalable real-world applications that benefit enterprises and the community at large while making sure authenticity and clarity are central to making decisions that save time, money and lives.

Throughout the lifecycle of any largescale projects and assets in sectors such as roads and highways, powerlines, pipelines, mines and even agriculture we use drone based solutions to enable three primary stages: Planning, construction and maintenance.

Planning: Our web-based analytical platforms transform survey grade drone maps, digital elevation models into rich high-resolution geospatial models and information systems that can be used for detailed project reports, feasibility studies and project planning.

Monitoring: We help you compare the rate of project progress over time and identifying bottlenecks where project management is required. Through solutions that make use of near real-time analysis enabled by drone videography and photography, we ensure that regardless of the scale every stakeholder has the relevant context to make the right decisions.

Inspection: Drone-based analytical solutions can help asset owners and maintenance teams accurately understand defects with information layers such as high-resolution drone videography, thermal analysis, and other asset lifecycle modelling tools.