About Us

SkyMul is revolutionizing the construction of large and tall assets. The company builds modular robots to accelerate construction with nimbleness and scalability.The company is first automating a backbreaking physical task performed on concrete construction sites: rebar tying. SkyTy is a swarm of modular robots that flies over the rebar installation, detects rebar intersections, and ties the intersection autonomously. SkyTy is a scalable system for tying flat rebar installations such as slabs, bridge decks, continuously reinforced pavements, etc.SkyMul is a nascent robotics startup founded by Georgia Tech alumni, incubated at Comcast-NBC accelerator (The Farm), and supported by a highly competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from National Science Foundation (NSF). SkyTy is recognized as the top 10 innovations at World of Concrete 2020 and 2020's top 50 new productivity boosters for construction.