About Us

The SkyX Unmanned Aircraft System is the ideal platform for capturing data – ranging from infrastructure inspection to detecting hydrocarbon leaks – with great accuracy and at a reduced cost relative to manned aircraft. Our UAS has been purpose-built for inspecting and monitoring over long distances, making it the perfect choice for pipelines or hydroelectric transmission lines. Featuring Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) technology, we can deploy from literally anywhere within an exceedingly short time frame. We do not require special launchers or other equipment; we are up and transmitting data in moments. Our software can upload a complete flight plan to the UAS, allowing us to follow a specific route - and even stop along the way to gather more data at critical locations. We can track our SkyX UAS in real-time from our ground station and capture high-resolution videos and images (and other data). Depending on the mission, our UAS can carry Infrared (IR), Hyperspectral, CCD and other sensors. You name the task; we'll capture the data. Based in Toronto, Canada, SkyX and its proprietary technology give our UAV a distinct competitive advantage. Reach us by phone @ 647-557-0826 – or email info@skyx.com