About Us

At SmartDelta we imagen in our workshop all kinds of technology flows in to smart solutions that work.

Our name: We believe that Smart concepts will change the way we live, work and thrive. A Delta is a place where multiple waterways flow into the ocean, typical Dutch. Delta’s are typically rich grounds that grow the best fruits. We fuse Smart and our Dutch technology in to solutions that work.

Our CEO Rene Bolhuis: After 15 years working in the world of High tech mobile mapping it is time for me to refocus on the stuff that me draw into technology in the first place. I am happy to inform you that I started my own brand new company called SmartDelta. Although we are a small team of highly skilled experts we believe we can create great beautiful things. At SmartDelta we will focus on building “smart concepts” that improve your business and give you the tools that allow you to excel in what you do best.