About Us

Remote areas are often cut off from the benefits of the global community due to lack of transport, communications, and energy. In times of crisis this can lead to death, pain, and economic loss. In times of peace, remote areas have the world’s natural assets and these need to be managed. Solar Ship is an aviation and aerospace company based in Toronto, Ontario with affiliate offices in Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Shenzhen.

Our mission is to leverage aerospace machines powered by renewable energies to enable self-reliant transport and IoT-based communications in remote areas without the need for traditional infrastructure. Solar Ship’s airships and aerostats utilize solar and hydrogen power and work in tandem with our operating bases to create the infrastructure necessary to transport goods and enable communications in remote areas.

With a strong sense of environmental responsibility, Solar Ship is committed to helping remote communities become energy self-reliant by leveraging renewable energies to power transport and communications infrastructure.