About Us

Over 75% of Sonalysts' employees are degreed professionals, and more than 40% have military experience. Sonalysts was a woman-owned small business in its early years, but one of the goals of the company's founders was to share ownership of the corporation with the individuals working at the company. The Sonalysts Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) was established in 1979, and since 1998, the company has been 100% owned by the ESOP Trust. The culture of employee ownership is very strong within Sonalysts. As a result of this employee ownership, there is a high-level of entrepreneurial spirit that permeates through our business. Our employees are always looking for ways to innovate, pursue new interests or lines of business, and improve upon existing practices.

Sonalysts continues to grow with new employees spanning all levels of skill and experience. We assess customer needs and create solutions that bring their vision to reality through innovation and creativity. Our ability to adjust to changing requirements has allowed us to develop and maintain long-lasting customer relationships. Sonalysts' employees are proud of the opportunities to innovate and find unique solutions to problems. Additionally, Sonalysts offers significant opportunities for personal growth and economic stability.