About Us

Sonetics is the leading global provider of team communication systems for challenging work environments. Customers worldwide choose Sonetics when they need to hear and be heard.


Sonetics, along with its Flightcom and Firecom divisions, is about to celebrate 35 years as the leader in customer service, innovation, and deployment in the wireless team communications industry. We've been privileged to help firefighters, first responders, commercial aviation and military personnel communicate clearly when lives are on the line and failure is not an option.


At Sonetics there’s nothing more satisfying than helping our customers create safer, more efficient workplaces. We’re there for you before and after the sale, sharing 35 years of knowledge and expertise when you need it. Our team of customer support professionals ensure that when you contact Sonetics, your experience is exactly what you expect. Real people solving your problems in real time.


As an agile, customer-driven company, everything we do at Sonetics is focused on quality solutions for our customers. We listen to your feedback to improve the team communication products you've come to depend on. Our customers are leading us into new and emerging markets at an astonishing rate. We're moving quickly to help our customers adapt to challenging environments where our wireless team communication solutions deliver results.


Sonetics was born when owner and founder Brian VanderPloeg had trouble hearing his flight instructor in a noisy cockpit. The headsets and intercoms of the day weren't getting the job done. An innovative problem-solver, Brian invented his own. They worked so well that friends and colleagues began asking for their own. Since then? The same spirit continues on in Flightcom, Firecom, and Sonetics.