About Us

Technologies are increasingly powerful and so is the complexity of their interaction with people.Smart Cities, smart buildings, smart stores and smart vehicles are developing, but it is impossible to unleash their full potential with conventional interfaces... The face of humans and other big mammals express many things that conventional interfaces can’t...At Spoon, we design interfaces that enable instinctive interaction thanks to a highly animated and expressive face that also brings a sensation of existence to the user in the eyes of the machine.They can follow your gaze and body movements, induce emotions and behaviors according to context.They are: customizable (face, voice, content...) and more attractive to look at. They can be seen from a distance and are more welcoming. Their expressive face enables faster communication and responds to unanswered HMI questions:- How do I know that a machine / interface sees me? - How do I know an interface / machine intent? - How can I know that a machine / interface sees an object that I am showing? - How can an interface / machine make me feel safe? - How can an interface / machine be the face of my brand and ecosystem? - How can an interface / machine be understood by all (children, elderly, handicapped, foreigners...)? - How can interface / machine help in case of isolation? - How can an interface / machine become the gateway to a local and social network? We also integrate other more conventional interaction modalities (tactile, speech, voice recognition, visual content...) and our modular architecture enables to build competencies exponentially (sensors, actuators, chatbots, APIs etc...).Our interfaces and modular architecture adapt to your infrastructure and devices to provide the most instinctive HMI experience possible for all users across your ecosystem. Our A.I. partly nourishes itself from local interactions and can be programmed by voice.