About Us

Squadrone System is a designer and manufacturer of professional custom-made drones for complex use cases. We have in-house software and hardware skills to automate and integrate drones in our customers' environments.

We help our customers to significantly increase their operational efficiency with drone solutions specially designed for their needs.

We have designed and delivered thousands of drones worldwide and work with major players such as Safran, Thales, Michelin, the DGA, Groupama, the Hardis group and many others.

Our clients call upon us for two main needs:

1) They wish to significantly improve their processes: automation, security, productivity, connectivity, asset traceability.

2) They have a business challenge, wish to create innovative solutions and recurring business with a solution built for their end-users.

The partnerships we set up take several forms, and we intervene at all stages of project maturity:

-Preliminary project

-Experiments / POC

-Co-development of prototypes

-Prototype testing and validation

-Certification, industrialization

-Production and maintenance