About Us

Stilla Technologies is a leading global biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating development of next-generation genetic testing by providing researchers and clinicians with a flexible Digital PCR solution for high-resolution genetic analysis and assay development. Stilla’s next-generation Multiplex Crystal Digital PCR™ technology employs cutting-edge microfluidic innovations and integrates the entire dPCR process on a single chip. The naica® system is highly sensitive, fast, and features an easy workflow, higher levels of multiplexing, and intuitive software. Stilla developed the world's first 6-color Digital PCR Platform, providing High Multiplexing and Sensitivity for Advancing Cancer & Liquid Biopsy Studies, Cell & Gene Therapies, Infectious Disease & COVID-19 Research, and Wastewater and Environmental Testing and many more applications. Stilla aims to make Digital PCR a lab commodity in all life sciences areas including research, therapeutics, and the omics.