About Us

At StreetDrone we’re on a mission to deliver autonomy, with solutions covering first mile and last mile delivery and logistics. We are proud to work on launching Pix-E, the slow, narrow and quiet autonomous vehicle, delivering high street goods from local shops to neighbourhoods in 2023. The £3 million investment received from high street retailer wilko in 2021 is currently enabling us to accelerate the development of its autonomous delivery vehicle and systems.Alongside our partners in the 5G CAL project, we are also working to deliver 5G-connected, autonomous 40-tonne trucks to distribute parts and assemblies across the Nissan plant in Sunderland and develop a first mile autonomous logistics solution to operate in controlled manufacturing environments. Headquartered in Oxford, UK, we were the first company in the world to offer subscription-based autonomous driving software, and the first in Europe to run an “open-source” autonomous vehicle on the road.We are passionate about our technology, our customers and the benefits to society that autonomy can bring. We continue to develop technology that lowers the cost of autonomy, while making it safe, efficient and sustainable.