About Us

We're a new Competitve Local Exchange Carrier in SW Indiana, made of local former telecom pros from the big telcos and we're turning the traditional rules of telecom upside down! With over two years planning and testing a number of new technologies we've now launched with the best possible solutions available. We've started in Downtown Evansville, taking it over while we build our dark fiber network from Evansville to Rockport, North to southern Jasper, West to the Illinois border, South to Mt Vernon, and then back to Evansville. We're bringing the same services we have available in Evansville to all of SW Indiana! With dual networks, each with dual internet egress, the ability to deliver dedicated fiber, high speed wireless up to 1Gb x 1Gb dedicated, Hosted VoIP & SIP trunking (with QOS all the way to the PSTN), data center, backup, Office 365, and Microsoft 365 with Win10 and MS Surface machines as a service, we've got it all. But wait! There's more! How does a shared 50Mx50M internet connection at $138.92 per month with no contract sound? Absurd? Maybe. But we have it! It's not magic. It's not Voodoo. It's just efficient use of the latest technologies that these old companies can't deploy because they're....old! (My best guess) Or how about a unique backup internet service that matches whatever speeds you have on your primary connection for just $24.99 per month if it's shared service or $54.99 per month if it's dedicated? Yes. You read that right. Do you have a 500Mx500M dedicated fiber connection? Great! We'll give you a 500Mx500M backup connection for $54.99 per month! That is NOT A TYPO. I just checked. Now add managed WAN and LAN, Sophos firewall, Multi-Carrier SD WAN, and NO CONTRACTS, and suddenly it's apparent that there's no reason to feed the national monsters when you can get more for less and support our local economy! Visit our website at www.swiftechinternet.com to find out more!