About Us

Driven by Space, Safety and Defense market growth, Syrlinks is developing new product lines. Syrlinks design and manufacture products for the space market, safety, defense & time-frequency in particularly in the following areas:• Radio Communications : Space transceivers (TMTC in S, X, K/Ka Band), Space transmitters (TMCU in L, X, Ka band, …) Ruggedized communications Systems for Defense applications• Geolocation / Navigation Various beacons designs (Cospas / Sarsat & Argos) GNSS receivers (GPS / Galileo).• Time / Frequency Syrlinks has engineered crystal oscillators for many years for embedded applications (OCXO : Oven Controlled Xtal Oscillators, VCO : Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Ruggedized frequency synthesizers) Micro Atomic Clocks with Cesium