About Us

T-MOTOR, as a power system solution manufacture, providing propulsion system solution for UAV/drone and Robots with advanced technology, is specializing in Motors, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controller) and Propellers. Widely used for aerial photography, industrial, agricultural, and commercial applications, our products obtain high reputation for the high quality. Our value: The Safer Propulsion System T-MOTOR is a team of profession, innovation and passion. R&D Department: We do R&D with pursuit of innovation and quality, but also attach significance to details and user experience. Production Department: We make perfect products with best raw materials and advanced production technology and equipment. QC Department: We carry out inspection in each process from raw materials to finished products to make sure impeccable products reach our customers Sales Department: We do sale with profession and passion, supplying thoughtful service for customers Other Departments: We coordinate with each other for better T-MOTOR.