Tecnoelettra s.r.l.

About Us

TECNOELETTRA is a dynamic Italian Company, globally recognized as high quality manufacturer of Controllers and Innovative solution for power supply application. Generator’s market is our core business where we make almost 80% of our turnover and where we can offer a very wide range of solutions and products. Since 1985 our vision is always to approach the customer needs with enthusiasm and passion for our job, keeping our focus to create a customized dress for the customer. WWT2020 (WorldWideTECNOELETTRA2020) is the vision that transformed TECNOELETTRA, from a family but always independent company, in a global reality that works all around the world, directly or through strategic distributors or local partners, but keeping the same passion of 35 years ago. All our production is 100% made in Italy and a team of specialized engineers for each application permits us to develop very quickly customized solution to satisfy every requests. Be Different