About Us

We are a joint-venture that brings together two big European partners: Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%).

We lead the way in Europe and are one of the major players worldwide in the satellite solutions and services field.

But, before all else, we are innovators. We offer our clients, both institutions and companies, tailored solutions, based on their diverse needs Our three lines of business cover the entire value chain for the space market: Satellite Communications, Geo Information and Satellite Systems and Operations.

We are in the front line in the major European space missions and have actively cooperate with leading space agencies worldwide.

With a structured network of space centres and teleports, and our companies abroad, we can boast of a widespread, established presence in Europe and the World.

We operate in France via Telespazio France, in Great Britain via Telespazio UK, and Spain via Telespazio Iberica. In Germany, we are able to count on three companies: Telespazio Germany, GAF and SpaceOpal (an equal-partner collaboration with the German Space Agency DLR). Our Company is also present in Romania through RARTEL, and the Romanian Telecommunications Company Radiocor is also one of its partners.

Overseas, our presence is provided by our South American companies: Telespazio Argentina and Telespazio Brasil.The network of our subsidiaries is completed by the Italian company e-GEOS, founded in partnership with the Italian Space Agency (shareholding 20%).

Today, as in 1961, when Telespazio was founded, we take on the challenge of the future. We ask ourselves new questions and design cutting-edge solutions, driven by a curiosity to discover what will come next. We do this every day, with the strength of the value and ideas of 3000 workers. We are the men and women who turn simple possibilities into dedicated services for an ever wider user community, every day. We are Telespazio