About Us

Look around you, people and objects are moving!We build light-weight, easy to use sensor modules and smart solutions that capture movement and turn it into actionable intelligence. Our expertise includes LiDAR, Time-of-Flight distance sensors and rangefinders, 3D cameras, thermal imaging and radiofrequency positioning systems, sensor fusion, algorithms, control systems and integration. Discover our turnkey Products for Smart Buildings, Industry 4.0 and Robotics, including: - People Counting products and services for a better understanding of how retail, office or building space is being used- Stock level monitoring of materials and fluids- Digital signage and Smart Retail- Distance sensing and depth perceptionMeanwhile our advanced Sensor Modules are perfect for systems integrators to enable:- Presence, proximity, distance and range finding- Anonymous people and object detection and movement monitoring- Touchless interfaces for Human Machine Interface applications- Temperature-based condition and movement monitoring What makes Terabee different? - We cover a multitude of complementary technologies from the physics to the final implementation- We produce sensor modules and cameras for you to integrate- Our engineers can tailor systems to meet your needs, including sensor hardware, algorithms, control systems, integration & support- Terabee People Counting Services which encompasses Professional Services, Support and Maintenance Services, Device Management Services and IoT Platform servicesSmart Building | People Counting | Smart Retail | Industry 4.0 | Level Monitoring