About Us

TLG Aerospace, LLC (TLG) is an aerospace engineering services company dedicated to providing customers with reliable, efficient design, analysis and certification for new and modified aircraft and related aerospace products. ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE TLG engineers have extensive analysis and test experience with over 100 different aircraft models from more than 40 different manufacturers. Our experience includes aerodynamic design and analysis, static and dynamic loads and response analyses, flutter analyses, stress and design, wind tunnel, ground and flight testing. Our engineers have performed engineering design, development, validation and certification engineering for over 100 Type Certificate (TC), Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), product development and special mission/purpose projects. • Loads and Flutter • Dynamics and Vibration • Aerodynamic Design and CFD Analysis • Stability and Control Analysis • Metallic and Composite Analysis and Design • Static, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Analysis • Bird Strike and Rotor Burst Impact Simulation • Finite Element Analysis • Industry Standard Design using CATIA V5 • Continued Airworthiness Documentation • Support In-service Major Repairs and Alterations • Ground and Flight Test Planning, Support and Analysis AIRCRAFT EXPERIENCE TLG engineers have extensive development, design, test, and certification experience with aircraft from the following sectors: • Large Transport Airplanes • Business and Commuter Aircraft • Space Launch Vehicles • General Aviation • Military Aircraft and IS&R • Supersonic/Hypersonic • Agricultural • NASA/UAV/Drone CERTIFICATION EXPERIENCE Aircraft Certification Authorities • FAA (U.S) • EASA (Europe) • CAAC (China) • JCAB (Japan) • TCCA (Canada) • CASA (Australia) • Brazil ANAC • Chile ANAC • Argentina ANAC