About Us

At Trishula, we develop and manufacture aerospace products and technologies for UAV's. Trishula is an innovative motion technology company with unique design and manufacturing capabilities for electromechanical products. Founded over 3 years ago, the company’s original vision was to become a research and development business offering new technologies for the emerging UAV Industry. Quickly, it evolved into a manufacturing operation where the designs were crafted into products that are in high demand. Today, Trishula’s core business is motion. Product lines include motors, motor controllers, propellers, servos, generators, actuators, and IC Engines. Trishula offers standard and customer-specific solutions for aerospace and defence applications. Based in Hyderabad, India with a dedicated base of engineering, production and operations staff support customers in the aerospace, defense, medical and precision industrial markets. Trishula offers a wide range of sizes, powers and form-factors for demanding applications. Our production teams work intensively with our partners from the designing stage to series production stage, bringing their world-leading engineering expertise and commitment to excellence and customer success to every project.