About Us

Twinner is on a mission to revolutionize the automotive industry, fostering transparency and safety in car transactions around the world. Creating digital twins of each individual vehicle, Twinner enables anyone to deliver a superior digital and user centric remarketing and inspection experience. ​Our car scanner, the Twinner Space generates a Digital Twinn® of each vehicle within a few minutes. The Digital Twinn® is based on an unprecedented set of vehicle data. It further includes documentation about the condition of the vehicle including highlights and damages. The documentation is so comprehensive that it enables an assessment of the vehicle completely digitally. The technology enables replicable and standardized results, being a truly globally scalable solution. ​Twinner is the only provider offering an off-the-shelf and integrated solution for both semi-automated and beautiful remarketing materials and inspection solutions, with no upfront investment required. ​The vehicle digitalization technology of Twinner can be applied throughout the automotive value chain and is relevant for OEMs, sales platforms, logistics service providers, insurance companies, leasing firms, rental providers and car dealerships. We are proud partners of VW, CarNext, Mosolf and many more! ​