About Us

UAV Instruments was born in the spring of 2016 as a result of the effort and vision of two companies with a well proven track record in the sector of unmanned aerial vehicles. The first, Cartogalicia, with more than ten years of experience using unmanned aerial platforms for the topographic sector, and the second, ANSI, an engineering company focused the design of innovative solutions for industrial services. UAV Instruments focuses its efforts on offering customers innovative products for the unmanned aerial vehicle sector. Our team has technicians and engineers with experience in the design and development of innovative projects. UAV Instruments business strategy is to offer customers complete solutions focused on the development of different flying platforms along with the corresponding data analysis software tools. Marine Instruments acquired in October 2017 a majority stake of UAV Instruments. Marine Instruments has been a global leader in the development and manufacturing of satellite buoys and monitoring equipment for the fishing industry and has been developing a solution based on a fixed wing to support free school tuna fishing in order to substitute the helicopter on purse seiners. The incorporation of Marine Instruments has brought complementary capabilities to the company, among others, financial strength, industrial capacity and an international sales network.