About Us

UAV Turbines, Inc. (“UAVT” or the “Company”) is a privately owned, Florida based company focused on the research, design, and development of micro-turbines for use in UAV propulsion systems and portable ground power applications. UAVT, through its parent company Locust USA, has been tasked since Locust’s founding in 2000 with designing and developing small, quiet, lightweight, fuel efficient turbines that run on heavy fuels. In that time, the UAV market, and more specifically the military UAV market, has exploded in size. Given the current specific demands of this marketplace, UAVT will continue its focus on developing and producing best-in-class Group 3 and Group 4 Turbo Propulsion Systems to meet these needs. In 2011, an investment group, with many years of experience in research, development, and commercializing breakthrough technologies, took control of Locust USA with the mandate that the Company immediately move from theory to practice, and build a family of reproducible engines that would be both superior in performance and more reliable than any product in the marketplace. Since 2011, $16 million has been invested in this research and development, and in 2014 the Company was rebranded as UAV Turbines. UAVT’s small technical team members have among them some 500 years of experience designing systems for major players in the aerospace industry. These seasoned hands were chiefly responsible for the UATV breakthroughs in technology.