About Us

Integrated solutions designed and built in Portugal for market leaders UAVision was founded in 2005 from the dream that innovation and technology can be combined to address tough customer problems. Focused on providing to its costumers high value solutions thru a highly competitive support, we offer engineering, prototypes production and series manufacturing, integrating different technologies such as electronics, robotics, metalworks and composite. Specialized in finding creative and innovative solutions to complex real-world problems, we cover all stages of the production cycle, from concept to the turnkey solution. And, after the work is done, we stand by our customers with our team of support professionals, all over the world. UAVISION Team is composed of a highly specialized group of engineers and technicians with a wide ranged field of experience. Our systems engineering team is always looking for innovative and affordable solutions to address our customer’s challenges. Competences • Development of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) • Production of VTOL UAS - UX Series • Project development for aeronautics • Development of customized projects • Flexibility in adaptation to customer requirements • Product innovation • Fast time-to-market • Product development, testing and production