About Us

Udelv is revolutionizing the multi-stop last- and mid-mile delivery industry with the Transporter, the world’s first cab-less autonomous EV traveling at highway speeds on public roads. Udelv is trailblazing the use of AI to advance the safe, sustainable movement of goods, and to liberate people from delivery inconveniences, establishing a new level of customer preference and delight. Founded in 2017 by Daniel Laury and Akshat Patel, veterans of Silicon Valley startups and market leaders Tesla, Apple and Caterpillar, Udelv has delivered more than 20,000 packages including groceries, parcels and auto parts for multiple merchants such as Walmart and XL Parts amongst others. Unveiled at CES 2022 following years of delivery experience and customer feedback, the Transporter solves for the worldwide shortage of drivers and the sustainability of commercial fleets. It uniquely combines Udelv’s patented smart cargo container, the uPod, level 4 autonomous functionality from Intel Mobileye, Transporter Command Center, fleet management software, and a mobile experience that facilitates the loading of goods and retrieving of products in a contactless and secure manner. Reserve yours today at www.udelv.com.