About Us

Univrses is a 3D Computer Vision and Machine Learning company based in Stockholm, Sweden. The Company creates and delivers technologies for autonomous systems, and have developed two different solutions to date: 3DAI™ Engine and 3DAI™ City.3DAI™ Engine is a suite of products that can be adapted and deployed in different applications where autonomy and automation is needed. The focus is on mobile robotics and autonomous driving but the Engine can be used in various other areas and industries.The second solution from Univrses is the smart city platform 3DAI™ City. By deploying cameras on public vehicles operating in the city and letting Univrses’ algorithms process the constant flow of images, timely and relevant information about the urban environment can be derived. This live information (made anonymous) is presented in a clear and intuitive way on a web-based dashboard, which enables those in charge to solve real world problems, save money and, potentially, save lives.Since the start in 2015, Univrses has worked with companies from all over the world, including industrial giants such as ABB, Husqvarna and Volvo.