About Us

Unseenlabs is a French company based in Rennes, Brittany, and founded in 2015 by the Galic brothers. The initial idea came from an observation concerning vessels at sea: there was an extensive lack of geolocation data. It is mainly due to the fact that ships may disappear from radars and become invisible. It is a serious matter because these vessels may engage in unlawful activities (non-exhaustive list): - Illegal or undeclared fishing. - Hostile intrusions in waters under national jurisdiction (Exclusive Economic Zone, continental shelf, territorial waters). - Environmental damages (illegal discharges). - Destruction of sensitive submarine installations (submarine cables, etc.). Unseenlabs has developed a new technology using radio frequency signals detection − or space-based RF detection − to geolocate vessels whose emitters are turned off. Unseenlabs uses nanosatellites − also called CubeSats – to provide data to its private and public customers (governments, shipping companies, etc.) worldwide. Unseenlabs’ satellite constellation specifically detects, characterizes and geolocates RF signals coming from a wide range of emitters. It covers sea areas of hundreds of thousands square kilometers. Since the launch of BRO-1 (BRO stands for Breizh Reconnaissance Orbiter) in 2019, 6 other BROs were launched into space. The aim is to extend the constellation to up to 20 satellites in 2025.