About Us

UVeye is a computer vision tech company that develops automated inspection systems for vehicles, powered by artificial intelligence and proprietary hardware. Founded in 2016 by Amir and Ohad Hever, our systems have been installed at 100+ sites, including vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, fleet companies, logistical centers, energy, financial, diplomatic, and other sensitive security facilities. In 2019, Toyota Tsusho and Volvo headlined a $31M Series B, joining W.R. Berkley and F.I.T Ventures. In 2021, UVeye secured its Series C round from strategic investors like CarMax and Hyundai Motors, bringing UVeye to a grand total of over $90M in investment capital. As of March 2022, Volvo announced an expansion to their partnership with a long-term program aiming to install UVeye devices in all of its North American dealerships. Each day we are making an impact with technology by harnessing the power of AI to detect vehicle issues or security-related threats in the undercarriage before they cause fatalities. Our mission, every day, is to raise the standard of vehicle inspections to help create better mobility and safer roads.