About Us

Valeport is an independently owned manufacturer of Oceanographic and Hydrometric Equipment and Instrumentation. Based in the South West UK since it was established in 1969, its current research, design and manufacturing centre is located alongside the River Dart in Totnes, Devon. From the outset Valeport has expanded its product range and developed a strong reputation within the industry for high quality, reliable Oceanographic & Hydrometric equipment. Largely self-sufficient in its design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Valeport is able to offer a wide portfolio of solutions, available through a global distribution network, for the Ocean Engineering, Marine Conservation & Research and Oil & Gas Exploration sectors. Valeport's philosophy is to use its independence to drive its product range based on its customers’ requirements. Their customers come first. This philosophy of always asking “what would I want if I were the customer” is at the heart of virtually everything Valeport does. Part of this Customer Oriented Service culture was the introduction of a 12-month service warranty on any Valeport product, no matter its age or history. Products sent back for an annual service every year results in a virtual" warranty for that product. Quality control is also at the core of Valeport's philosophy towards product manufacture. From the innovative use of Titanium as a standard in virtually all its subsea products to the creation of an anti-static environment for all storage assembly test calibration and R&D areas within its purpose-built Production Factory. The latter has enabled Valeport to virtually eliminate electronic faults in its manufacturing process. Valeport's purpose-built manufacturing plant was fully commissioned at the start of 2014 and ideally positions it going forward as a state of the art facility for the R&D design manufacture & testing of its full range of Oceanographic & Hydrometric Instruments.