Verebus Engineering B.V.

Verebus Engineering B.V.

About Us

Verebus is a technical service provider with knowledge and experience in the field of asset management and technical documentation services. For owners of complex assets, or suppliers thereof, Verebus can provide the entire maintenance and operating philosophy and provide documentation and instruction. In doing so, the company makes maintenance and operation efficient in terms of functionality and costs.

Verebus is a company of approximately sixty employees (50 FTE). Main customers are part of the defence market, including the Ministry of Defence itself.

The head office is located in Rijswijk, but some of the employees also work in Utrecht (Defence Materiel Organisation) and in Den Helder (Defence Naval Maintenance and Sustainment Agency).

Services from Verebus include:

• Integrated Logistics Support (ILS): ILS optimises the use of a complex system throughout its life cycle in terms of availability, efficiency (costs) and safety.

• Technical Documentation: Verebus has expertise in correctly and clearly describing complex assets or systems and in implementing software solutions to maintain complex documentation.

• Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM): RCM is a method to create dynamic maintenance plans that lead to less downtime, lower costs and a better insight into risks.

• Training: Training courses are offered under the name Verebus Academy" for all aspects related to the above expertise.