About Us

VITIROVER SAS is the designer of the VITIROVER robot for vineyards. The VITIROVER robot is a solar powered all-land mower which can help control properly grass height in vineyards in substituting weed killing processes by the mowing VITIROVER capabilities. But the VITIROVER is also conceived to be a ‘Vigilant Ecological Guard of the Vineyard’ capable to collect, all along its 24/7 on-the-field presence, all relevant information needed for monitoring the well-being of the vineyard ecosystem and for detecting as early as possible risks of diseases, insect invasion or meteorological stresses. Thanks to dedicated on-board measurement instruments, statistical measurements will be made possible from one year to another, from one day to another. In turn, wine growers will have more chance to detect risks or problems early enough to be in the position to mitigate in a natural way at each vine stock level, the anticipated threats and thus to avoid the implementation of systematic and highly concentrated pesticide based curative processes at the whole parcel scale.