About Us

We started our business activities in 1979 developing and manufacturing all moulded hollow composite airframes. The expertise we gained working in this market enables us to better understand our customers who often use similar technologies to manufacture their weight and efficiency optimized products, regardless whether these are robots, medical devices, UAVs or other applications.

In 1983 VOLZ SERVOS was founded for designing, manufacturing and marketing exclusively electro mechanical actuators worldwide. We have developed a product range that meets most our customers´ requirements concerning maximized torque, speed, efficiency, reliability and durability at minimized volume/weight, component and development costs.

If a requirement can’t be met we can also modify existing actuators or even develop completely new customized solutions.

Within more than 30 years – now in 2nd generation – we have gained the reputation of being experts in the market of compact, highly efficient actuators.

All our actuators are “Made in Germany” under stringent quality controls (ISO 9001:2015) meeting highest expectations quality and reliability wise.

It is our goal to keep pushing the design limits of actuator technology not with gimmicks but with valuable features. This is our idea of value based actuators designed up to quality not down to a price.