About Us

Established in 2016, Vorpal Ltd. Is a company focusing on cutting-edge signal analysis products and solutions. The company has accumulated years of experience in both designing and realizing advanced signal processing and analysis solutions, with unique in-house proprietary knowledge and algorithms built on a solid base of deep literacy in relevant domains of Physics and Mathematics. Aided by vast experience in military-grade Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Vorpal successfully designs and deploys advanced, highly accurate geolocation solutions. Leveraging a wide array of inhouse capabilities, Vorpal builds its systems with optimal integration of hardware and software to provide best-of-breed RF-based geolocation solutions with extremely low TCO. VigilAir, Vorpal’s drone situational awareness solution, provides ultra-sensitive detection coupled with highly accurate geolocation and tracking for drone aerial situational awareness with unique clarity. VigilAir has been declared at Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL 9, successfully operational) and has been sold to discerning security focused customers. VigilAir has also been operated at selected sites in the US, UK, Europe and Israel. Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Vorpal operates globally in the Aviation, Military and HLS, Critical Infrastructures and UAS Traffic Management (UTM) markets.