About Us

VSI has become a leader in providing technology consulting and advisory to companies that design and develop automated vehicle systems. VSI currently supports the R&D and planning departments of leading OEMs and Tech companies throughout the autonomous vehicle value chain. VSI has been testing and examining automated vehicle applications since 2013. Over the past 12-months VSI has built up a functioning Level 2+ vehicle on a 2016 Kia Soul. VSI has experience with sensor setup and integration including camera, Lidar, radar and IMU. VSI also has built up precision localization using localization assets supplied by a third party. VSI skills include a combination of automotive systems, software, and real time computing. Our hardware and software engineers are experienced in Python, C++, OpenCV, ROS, Caffe, Tensorflow, neural networks, simulation tools, and Functional Safety ISO 26262!VSI offers its research services through licensed portal access. Subscribers have access to research assets covering AV technology trends, component research, technology roadmaps, and AV programming and SDK reviews. VSI also offers component sponsorship opportunities for companies that want to get their device into a demonstration AV.