About Us

With a DNA structured on innovation and a heritage whose origins can be traced back to JAXA and OICETS based projects, as well as supply chain innovations in NewSpace, WARPSPACE aims to become the world's first private company to provide a globally accessible optical communication network in space.Every year the number of spacecraft launched continues to increase, the deman for communications connectivitiy grows exponentially, and the existing infrastructure for conventional communications is no longer sustainable. The World needs a solution. The World needs WARPSPACE.Based in Japan, WARPSPACE, a privately held, space-tech start-up company, is shaping the future of space communications with WarpHub InterSat, the World's first optical inter-satellite data relay network service. WarpHub InterSat provides a cost-effective, high-speed optical link with persistent connectivity for LEO satellites and enables uninterrupted space-to-ground communication in near real-time.WarpHub InterSat is an ideal solution for any satellite operators, private or public, government or military, with an Earth observation mission and the need to move large volumes of data from space to the ground on demand.