About Us

The New Drone Software EcosystemWindhover Labs builds reliable, high-quality, easily extensible software for the safe operation of autonomous drones.Built for the Complete Drone MarketWhether you're building drone avionics, developing applications, or flying commercial drones, Windhover's software is developed to safety-critical standards with the capabilities and reliability needed for autonomous, beyond visual line of sight (BVLoS) operations.The Windhover TeamWe are passionate about the commercial potential of unmanned aircraft to transform the way we live, work, and play.We are software developers and flight systems engineers with multiple decades of aerospace experience. We are driven to produce high-performance drone software that is easy to implement, test, deploy, and operate.Windhover Labs has created a software ecosystem for drones to operate in low-altitude airspace, unleashing the creativity of people and businesses to improve lives.We were founded in 2015 and were initially funded through NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research Program.