About Us

The commercial use of drones will revolutionize numerous applications, from package delivery to infrastructure inspection, mapping, and more. But large scale operations, especially in urban areas, depend on getting access to shared airspace and providing autonomous, safe operations anytime and anywhere. Safety is this market’s enabler and in the heart of the rapidly developing drone regulation that is strongly promoted by the biggest industry players (such as Amazon, Google, Airbus, and more) and includes broad situational awareness requirements for navigation, obstacle detection and avoidance, and safe emergency landings. Wonder Robotics realized that a drone’s complex and diversified vision requirements cannot be satisfied by 2D or 3D vision capture alone. Our computer vision technology is modeled after and inspired by a human vision-based replica. This replica uniquely transcends prior art by combining short-range 3D depth perception with a long-range 2D vision for dramatically improved perspective, classification, shading, texture, and motion cues. Our goal is to become a leading provider of intelligent and robust AI layers for autonomous and safe flights for both commercial and military drones by utilizing highly advanced vision-based capabilities.