Würth Elektronik Group

Würth Elektronik Group

About Us

The Würth Elektronik group of companies, with headquarters in Niedernhall (Hohenlohe), Germany, has about 8,300 employees worldwide and generated global sales of € 848 million in 2018 (prel.).

With 16 production locations worldwide, Würth Elektronik is one of the most successful companies of the Würth Group.

Würth Elektronik operates internationally with its three company areas in various markets:

• Electronic & Electromechanical Components / Headquarter: Waldenburg

Würth Elektronik eiSos is one of Europe's biggest manufacturer of electronic & electromechanical components. Together with Wurth Electronics Midcom, Würth Elektronik iBE and Erwin Büchele, Würth Elektronik Stelvio Kontek and Würth Elektronik AMBER Wireless we ensure a high availability on all markets. More than 550 sales representatives worldwide make up a direct sales network that is unique in this industry: Local Design in support, all catalogue products in stock and samples free of charge is the promise to our customers. Würth Elektronik operates production plants in Europe, America and Asia.

• Circuit Boards / Headquarter: Niedernhall

One of the leading producers of printed circuit boards in Germany, Würth Elektronik CBT (Circuit Board Technology) has specialized in prototypes and in small and medium-sized orders. Electronics developers can find here all the prevalent and many innovative circuit board technologies and system solutions, all from a single source. Last but not least, they can also speak here with expert specialists.

• Intelligent Power and Control Systems / Headquarter: Niedernhall-Waldzimmern

As a specialist in the development and production of system solutions in press-fit technology, for example central electrical systems, Würth Elektronik is a development partner for many commercial vehicle manufacturers. A project management team accompanies the business partners from the original product idea to series production.