About Us

About X-Team X-Team is a student organization That specializes in communication, Power, Mechanical, Mechatronics, computer Science and civiler Engineer. It's also for electronics Geeks and everyone loves electronics, robotics, builder and making things. It helps you to bring your innovative ideas to life. Here we plan to share projects and information with our growing community of makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and creators It helps people around the world to learn how to design, build, and program Internet-connected hardware We strongly believe that robotics technology will improve our lives and the world we live in. We're still at the beginning of the robotics revolution, and we're on its front line. It's also an educational platform that shares electrical knowledge from different sources. X-Team Can Make Tutorials, Electronic circuits and Tutorials in PLC and distribution with brief explanation and working video. Programming tutorials and Projects are based on Embedded Systems with Microcontrollers Our values: - 1. Self-Learning. 2. Teamwork. 3. Respect. 4. Commitment. 5. Sharing Knowledge 6. Collaboration. 7. Honesty. 8. Perfection. Our Mission: - support the creation of technologies that make the world a better place. Our role: - Qualify students to produce fine outputs by participating in Robotics projects: the contest provides the students with the challenging annually developed task with new constraints and rules every year. It trains student to take decisions and solve problems based on different inputs. It also provides them with any required training whether it's technical courses, workshops, or soft skills as well as managerial and financial support and helps them to become engaged with real work through involving them in Robotics corporation. Besides, it provides students and electronics Geeks with cheap electronics components and devices to help them make and build smart projects in convenient prices.